What we do

What we do

For over 16 years, viagra dosage Noblestar has been supporting organizations in defining, buy optimizing and implementing critical processes. We achieved this by using industry best practices to enrich business operations in a pragmatic, online agile and cost effective manner. Our expertise and experience begins with practices and processes around requirements management, analysis/design, architecture and portfolio management, and ends with software change and configuration management, deployment and operations management. In essence, we help an enterprise “do the right things and do things right,” thereby reducing costs.

As an IBM Business Partner, Noblestar has developed technical, mentoring, training and recruitment skills that are on par with in-house specialists at IBM. With Noblestar you have a dedicated, full service provider of all of your IBM software requirements including expert consulting services, training & mentoring. We are a more economical option than our competitors.

Noblestar’s IBM Rational Software professional services help clients effectively implement and leverage the suite of IBM Rational Software. As a group of consultants who are focused on Enterprise Software Development, our team has a unique focus which many other consulting firms lack. Our staff has spent their professional careers working in software development environments where delivery dates, quality and cost management are three targets which must be consistently managed.

With years of experience honed in software development, our consultants bring skills and experience you can draw on to help you improve your team’s software development capability and maximize the return on your investment in IBM Rational Software tools.

One of the keys to our longevity is the solid relationships we have built with our partners and customers. Due to the completeness of their e-business vision and robust technology, our most strategic alliance today is with IBM. This alliance enables us to combine Noblestar’s expertise and long history of delivery success with IBM’s solid vision and market leadership in order to bring our customers real-world solutions for their business needs.


In today’s economy, saving money is at the top of everyone’s list. Executives are looking for ways to trim expenses, while maintaining the quality and integrity of their business. Outsourcing can provide a predictable and reliable price for support of a particular IT function or role.

You would have the support of an entire organization that specializes in the particular IT function or role, along with years of experience and access to a wealth of resources. This would enable your staff to focus on more strategic aspects of the organization – they could “do what they do best”.

Noblestar, an industry leader in IT professional services, has found that clients are seeking to outsource IT functions or roles for a number of reasons:

  • Lover overhead costs while maintaining the same level of support for a particular IT business function, such as testing, requirements management, program/project management, and application lifecycle tool administration
  • The company is going through rapid changes and a temporary role is needed, but no one in the organization can fill the role
  • The organization needs to fill a specific, highly sought skill set immediately, and can not wait for a full time employee to be hired, or an internal resource to be trained
  • Temporarily fill a tactical role to determine if a full time employee is necessary

Noblestar is well connected to IBM Rational application lifecycle tools. We also have experts in the various disciplines of the software lifecycle, thus providing a cost effective solution, as well as high quality support for your organization. The correct blend of tools and managed process will often yield maximum value of your investment.

Noblestar can also provide you with the information needed to support these tools – today and in the future. We strive to create an environment that is an extension of your organization and would be responsible for all support of a particular IT function or role including:

  • Application Lifecycle Tool Administration & Support
  • Requirements Management, Quality Engineering, or Project/Program Management
  • Solution Development & Project Collaboration
  • M&A IT Services Analysis and Roadmapping
  • Individual Staffing Augmentation or expert consulting

Noblestar recognizes that sometimes project teams need some additional skills to deliver successfully.
Together with our associates and our business partners, we are able to provide these skilled resources.
All these resources are highly-skilled and experienced practitioners, who we have either previously worked with or that our network of peers highly recommend.

Besides filling a position with a highly skilled individual, our outsourcing brings advantages above and beyond simple staff augmentation. With Noblestar, you will have access to:

  • The Noblestar internal network of knowledge
  • Collateral that has been developed to support our services
  • The expertise of individuals who can mentor and train your staff while they fill a particular role
  • Immediate backfill if someone has to vacate a position
  • Lower learning curve, as our staff brings a wide degree of expertise and knowledge

If you need additional project resources, please contact us, and we can find a resource to meet your needs.