How we are different

How we are different

We are different from the competition in a number of dimensions, case including expertise, competitive rates, approach and philosophies.

Our Expertise

Our expert consultants consistently exceed client expectations and quickly hit the ground running, to deliver measureable results in the most difficult situations. We are known for our best practices and risk mitigation disciplines that assure delivery – on time, within budget, and to exacting quality standards. In other words, we sweat the details to ensure success.

Our Approach

Our approach is best described as engaging. We respect and invite the participation and contribution of everyone and do not look to supplant client personnel with our own staff. Rather, we selectively deploy our expert consultants to best complement our domain expertise with our own unique blend of business and technology expertise. Sometimes, less is more. Careful coupling of our own highly experienced consultants, with energized and focused client staff, consistently produces superior results.

Our Philosophy

You can count on us to always give our best effort and show up ready to perform. We expect nothing less from our consultants and have solidified this expectation internally. We have earned a broad reputation for doing the hard stuff. This is born from an entrepreneurial flair for effectively harnessing emerging technology that benefits our clients’ business. Our culture is a “can-do”, and we look for challenging opportunities to prove ourselves by taking on the most difficult tasks.

Our Competitive Rates

How can we offer you such competitive rates? The answer is straightforward: By keeping our cost structure among the lowest in our discipline. But, also let us be clear: Our consultants are well-paid. (Even they admit that!) Instead of spending our pounds on overhead, we invest our pounds where it matters most, namely – client and consultant field support, candidate search and screening, and technical training.


We are fundamentally different from the global professional services companies that you have been dealing with. Our competitors require significant administrative overhead to direct and control their far-flung empires. We don’t. Time goes by and cost barnacles build up, especially in large, diverse operations. We have remained lean and clean. That is one of the many advantages of being a boutique firm with a single focus – Rational Software.

And, most importantly for you, there are no management layers at Noblestar. You speak to a partner who can make decisions and respond your requests without sign-off from expensive CEOs or Vice Presidents off in a distant city. What we say is what we do.

Which brings us to IBM. IBM is indeed global and supremely well respected. Their strengths as a software provider are legendary. That is why we chose them, after all. But, professional services are secondary to their core business – software sales.

Very simply: Our cost structure is your advantage.